Milestones Timeline

The 26th of April 2011- Cati is born

Smiled from the first days of life; 3.700 kg at birth

3 months old– 4500 kg

-rolls from back to side

-discoveres her hands and puts them in her mouth

-starts PT

4 months old –  5  kg

-suceeds in lifting her head when placed on her tummy

– social smile

-passes her hearing test

5 months old– 5.700kg

– loves squeaky toys

– starts cooing

– explores hands, moves them in front of her eyes

– starts reaching for toys

– on her belly, if we place her arms alongside her body, she manages to pull them in front, and then supports her wight on them to lift her head


6 months old – 6.300 kg

– hits and grabs toys that are suspended above her crib

– rolls from belly to back

7 months old– 7 kg

– tries to roll from back to belly

– on her tummy, lifts shoulders and chest

– licks everuthing she can reach with her mouth

8 months old– 7,55 kg

– tries lifting her head when placed on the back

9 months old – 8 kg

– rolls from back to bally and belly to back

– pushes her legs and rotates like the tongues of the clock

– laughs, smiles, interacts socially

10 months old– 8.300kg

– sits with support (but we try not to sit her up too much) and reaches for toys from this position

– grabs tpys better, puts them into mouth

– shakes a rattle

11 months old – 9 kg

– pulls cloth off her face

– first tooth

– when held by hands, she tries to lift herself up

12 months old– 9, 200 kg

– initiates crawling moves downward a slide

– understands cause and effect with toys- tries to push buttons to make the toys function

At 13 months old we had the first evaluation with NACD and by 14 months we started our daily exercise program.

14 months old– more crawling movements down the slide (still cannot do it just by herself)

– plays with cause and effect toys

– laughs a lot

– more alert

– we saw an osteopath for her trigonoceplaly- to mentain flexible the parts of the skull that were not sutured

15 months old – 10,300 kg

– on her tummy, moves arms and legs, plays with toys

– if we hold her head, she cand raise on all four- later that month she could do it unassisted

– can sit (tripod position) for 10 seconds

– we noticed she cand understand what we are saying- she responds to commands as „Take the bottle”, „Love Daddy”, „Grab Mommy’s nose”, „Grab Mommy’s hand”

– chooses correcty between 2 known flashcards

– pulls herself up in sitting position when we just hold her hands

– pulls glasses off our faces, reaches for toys in a bag

16 months old– more crawling movements

– starts clapping her hands at command

17 months old – 10,600 kg

– responds to commands (more than 50 % of times) – clap your hands, put you hands on your head, love mommy/daddy

– chooses correctly one out of 2 flashcards

– the catching reflex is present now

– moves backwards when placed on her tummy

18 months old – sits on all 4

– more crawling movements- crawls downslide by herself

– operates different toys


19 months old– before starting NACD, Cati was cognitively at 4 month old level, the most. At 19 months old, she was at 7 month old level, according to the Portage test.

– responds to commands as Push the blue button, spin the rabbit, spin the yellow circle

– sits tripod for 5 minutes

– eats with a spoon

– bunny hops (we need to discourage that)-

20 months old– 10,800kg

– started crawling by herself on the floor-

– identifies face parts on mommy’s face

– puts toys in a box and takes them out

– tips over the box with toys

– has a favourite game- I tell her Cati, let me whisper something in your ear and she puts her ear to my mouth.

-developed a pincer grip

-throws objects to test gravity

-takes out a circle from a stick (toy with stacked plastic circles)

22 months old- 11,500 kg

-turns plastic pages on book-like toys

– utters her first syllables so far- her first „Ma-ma”

29 months

She can stand up in her bobby car:

sus30 months- 11,500 kg

She had her first overnight stay in the hospital, (actually, seven days) to have surgery: velar cleft palate repair and removal of extra digits.

She can sit up by herself and mentain this position for several minutes.


2 years and 8 months old (11,80 kg)- Cati met a few more  milestones:

– She started creeping (a Christmas present from her to us)

– She started standing on a kneeling position

– She started eating more and better with a spoon, and (a few months before) drinking with a straw

3 years old– 11,800 kg

– she can stand up by herself


3 years and 2 months old– 12 kg

– She can squat from standing position

– she takes lateral steps and cruises the furniture

– she can identify pictures and objects at command

4 years and 2 months old– 13,650 kg

– she can walk, clumsily, when her hands are held

– she identifies more body parts, pictures and colors

– she can put an object in a recipient

– her core strength and balance and head control are much better




Portage test results at 21 months old:

Data: 30.01.13

Varsa socializare: 1.19(1 ANI 2 LUNI )Varsa limbaj: 0.46(0 ANI 5 LUNI )Varsa autoservire: 0.46(0 ANI 6 LUNI )Varsa cognitiv: 1.2(1 ANI 2 LUNI )Varsa motor: 0.58(0 ANI 7 LUNI )

Varsa mentala: 0.78(0 ANI 9 LUNI )Varsa cronologica: 1.77(1 ANI 9 LUNI )IQ: 44130 + Exceptional/120-129 Foarte bun/110-119 Mediu – Superior/90-109 Mediu/80-89 Mediu – lnferior/70-79 Zona de granita/55-69 Retard usor/40-54 Retard moderat/30-39 Retard sever/Sub 30 Retard profund

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